Beliefs and Principles


Our beliefs are based on the Holy Scripture, Christian Tradition, and Church Ecumenical Synods.


God is one in three divine persons: the Father, who created it all; the Son, who died for our sins and rose from the dead; the Holy Spirit, who regenerates and sanctifies souls.


The Son of God, who became man and died on the cross for our salvation, is always with believers who try to live according to His teachings.

Holy Spirit

The third person of the Blessed Trinity abides in the Church to teach, govern and sanctify its members.

Kingdom of God

It is the duty of every Christian to help establish God’s Kingdom on earth through the grace and virtue of love, justice and dedication to the will of God.

The Soul

It is immortal and ultimately destined for eternal life with God.


Jesus Christ became man and died on the cross for our salvation.

The Church

The Church is made up of baptized Christians who worship together, partake of the sacraments, hear and obey the Word of God.

God and Nations

God Wishes all nations to act together in brotherhood and justice.

Parish Owned Property

Church property is owned by the people who purchase, build and maintain it.

Language of Worship

Masses are celebrated in the language of the people, so that all worshipers can understand God’s message.