Established in 1929, St. John’s Cemetery is located in a very peaceful and quiet section of North Manchester, CT (Jefferson Street). The Cemetery burial & memorial options are open to everyone!


Cemetery grounds are open from dawn to dusk.

Burial plots for sale!
PLOT – $ 1,100

  1. Interment in one grave plot may consist of one individual coffin, or one individual coffin and one cremation, or two cremations.
  2. Each grave plot purchase must at the same time be accompanied by the purchase of perpetual care for that grave plot.

Enjoy peace of mind with PRE-PLANNING…

The death of a loved one is a tragedy every household will experience. Most families are not prepared to deal with the situation, indecisions and cost a death forces on them. The decision to prearrange your cemetery needs today is very economically sound, although the strongest reason to prearrange are love and peace of mind. When a death occurs in any family, the grief is tremendous and the healing time very long.

Prearrangement will have a positive impact on your family simply because you have made your own decisions. This peace of mind provides benefits far beyond the dollars spent. Not only for you but your loved ones. You alleviate their burden of decision, because all decisions are made by you and ahead of time.

If you choose to prearrange your cemetery needs, you can take advantage of our interest free payment plan. If you wait until the time of need everything must be paid in full at once. Working with today’s pricing as opposed to tomorrow’s can also represent significant savings for you and your family.

For more information,
please CONTACT Pastor of St. John’s Parish in Manchester.